Eco Vineyard House | Residence Astoria

Entire Ecological Vineyard House

This fully natural and ecological house is placed three feet under the earth and because of that it doesn't need any air-condition even throe the hottest summer days.

The space

The house is located 150 meters from the sea and natural beach in the Vineyard region of Rab called Pudarica.

The Entire Ecological Vineyard House is powered by solar energy.
There is a outdoor and indoor shower the water is also heated by the sun.

Just a few people know that the region Pudarica famous for his Paradise looking beaches actually got his name because of the little houses that had been all over until 60 years ago. The "Pudarica" houses in that the "Pudar" ( guy who is taking care of the vineyard ) lived with his family.

The idea was to rebuild a functional Pudarica house in a vineyard and with that to awake a peace of history of the vine region of Rab. The vine region was the only income for us islanders 120 years ago before the tourism started.


Why choose us?

Embedded in the ground and ecologically designed to use natural resources

Air conditioning unnecessary

An entire house for yourself near the pebble beach

In the sunniest part of the island


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