Restaurant Astoria

On the first floor of our residence is our restaurant, Astoria, which is located above the main square of Rab. A breathtaking view on the harbour and the boulevard of Rab can be observed from the restaurant’s terrace.

Our menu is oriented around the history of this building and the old town of Rab. We mainly use regional and ecological ingredients, such as fish and vegetables from the island and spices from our garden.

We provide romantic candlelight dinners with an exquisite glass of assorted Croatian wine and an unforgettable view of Rab's harbour.

We also arrange weddings, business lunches and other festivities. Let our well trained staff help to satisfy your fondest culinary desires.

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We use regional and ecological ingredients, fish and vegetables from our island as well as spices from our garden.

Cold Starters

  • Seasoned salad with mustard – balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil
  • Assorted salads with turkey breast or tuna
  • Seafood salad "Nikole Zara" in mussels
  • Cold fish plate "Astoria"
  • Carpaccio of beef fillet, or monkfish
  • Dalmatian smoked gammon with olives


  • Beef consommé with thin noodles
  • Fish soup "good Rab style"

Warm starters

  • Scallops cooked "au gratin" with cheese
  • Black calamari and sepia risotto
  • White scampi risotto
  • Pasta on mussels in white wine
  • Scampis "Municipium Arbe" in white wine and garlic

Vegetarian meals

  • Spaghetti "Aglio-ollio" in garlic and olive oil
  • Gnocchi with basil and tomato sauce
  • Vegetarian plate Mediterranea style

Seafood with chard and potatoes from Lopar

  • Adriatic calamares grilled with garlic
  • Bluefish grilled
  • Monkfish in Malvazija and green pepper
  • Sea bass or gilthead baked or grilled
  • Scampis and mussels in garlic duke of Rab style
  • Grilled fish plate "Ribarić" with scampis
  • Blue white fish baked, grilled or cooked

Grilled meat with rice and vegetable ragout

  • Pork fillet filled with gammon
  • Rump steak on grounded black pepper
  • Beef filet "Tournedos" wrapped in bacon on a skewer
  • "Kalifronte" assorted meat plate of 4 different medallions

Meat dishes with gnocchi and seasoned vegetables

  • Turkey breast with plums
  • Pork fillet in a delicate basil sauce
  • Beef fillet "Barbat" in red wine and thyme
  • Beef-Sotée "Gospode rapske" with mushrooms in Alfredo sauce


  • Wild berry parfait
  • Chocolate Mousse "De Dominis"
  • Crème Caramel "Marija Zudenigo"
  • Dessert variation "Astoria Arba"
  • Sheep cheese with olives "Drage Rapske Pastirice" style