Welcome to the island and the town of Rab!

The old town of Rab is the heart of the same named island, Rab, which is located in the Kvarner Archipelago.

Rab is one of the sunniest places in Europe and one of the greenest in the entire Adriatic sea. A long time tourist tradition, a rich building heritage from the antique period and the unique Rab medieval chivalrous play make this town an unforgettable vacation spot.

In Roman era Rab was called Arba. The phrase Felix Rab, meaning happy island, was first found engraved on a well-preserved amphora. During this era, Arba had already contained all the characteristics of a town, including an aqueduct, a thermos, temples and its own theatre. The following historical eras generated four bell towers a, which are the town's landmark today. All together - Four bell towers on the island of happiness!


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